Order calendars via zakshawphotography@gmail.com or the secure Paypal option below.

Order calendars via zakshawphotography@gmail.com or the secure Paypal option below.
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

On it, Off it, report from California

The mix has defintely been a mixture during my first three weeks back in California. Weve had the good and the not so good.
A NZ team comprised of Dave Ritchie, Ben Jackson, Graham Charles, Deter King our US companion and myself spent two fantastic days in the Middle fork of the Feather River on the "Devils Canyon" section, a huge thunderstorm pelted down on us as we broke camp on day two and paddled 20 miles of continuos class 4+ in 6 hours.

Lots of snow means high river flows, the days are baking hot, fast food comes fast and if you want it whitewater is everywhere.
Local play wave, "Barking dog" paddler, Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson, gets amongst a high
flow on South Silver

Carrying our kayaks for hours uphill(about seven)in 100F heat out of the
South Merced through poison oak.(simular trip experienced in 2005, slow learner)
Two team members took swims early from nasty recirculations, due to a high river level we collectively descided to walk out rather than try to survive the remaining 16 miles of class 4-5. Dehydrated and exhausted we climbed 2500ft with fully loaded kayaks to the canyon rim and escaped to a road nearby.

Get me to the river, shuttle american style!

More to come, stay tuned

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Heading Stateside, images from California

Bradly Brewer, on line and lovin it, East Fork Kaweah River

Timing is everything, Eden Sinclair eyes the lip for that last crucial stroke

Cory Tucker, give me a loop, "First Threat", South Fork American river

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cool places

Keith Reiley, big beard, tight neck seal!

One move at a time, the scenery in the Upper Perth like the whitewater is amazing

Mt Owen, home to NZ's deepest cave, the Bulmer

Hot pools and a good hut, Upper Toaroha, West Coast

On route for an adventure, flying in with Bruce dando


The Arahura is run that just feels good, Jason Arbetter knows that all to well.

Dave Richie, even when padlling sux, he's lovin it! Hit to the Ear, Styx river

The NZ summer was a good one, I work stint for the New Zealand Kayak School followed by some kayak instruction for Taipotini Polytechnic filled the summer months. It was great to be based on the coast for awhile, such a dramatic place.

Dave Ritchie eyes his landing

I little late, Im headed out to califonia this week! The work visa two months delayed(just want to thank the people responsible for that)
The snowpack is huge out there right now so the season should still go off.

Arb, about to set off up the Crooked

In California I'll be teaching my second season for a company called Current Adventures. Four months of sun, amazing whitewater, its pretty tough!

September 27th will see six expedition paddlers meeting in Lhasa, Tibet for a six week expedition. Keep checking in for updates here, as we all prepare ourselves for massive volume rivers, high altitudes and Tibetean culture.
"Focus our efforts on exploring the side valleys of the Salween, Mekong and Yangtze, in the South-East of the country, where no group of kayakers have been in the past"

stay tuned