Order calendars via zakshawphotography@gmail.com or the secure Paypal option below.

Order calendars via zakshawphotography@gmail.com or the secure Paypal option below.
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Returning home

Returning home from Tibet was quite the
contrast. Jet lag, whats that? with a few hours sleep under my belt it was straight into the shearing! With Dad aware of my arrival back into NZ he quickly mustered a night pen and filled the shed.

Photo - Hikutai Station, Mark Shaw out with his team

Its been a busy start to the season. the NZ kayak school has been exceptionally busy, back to back courses filled with mostly Aussy paddlers who are coming to escape the droughts going on across the

A series of audio/visual shows have followed our Tibet expedition. Both in Murchison and Hokitika at the Wet West Film Fest. JJ and Dave spent some long nights editing footage before the festival. On the Saturaday night the Regent theatre was packed for the premier of our expedition film "7 weeks in Tibet", it won the peoples choice award.
I made a couple of appearances presenting at the "Crooked Mile" theatre.
The first one focused on supplying the adventure experience compared to getting out there and having an adventure of your own.
Last year having worked in the Canadian Arctic sea kayak guiding off a cruise ship eating fine cuisine and paddling around huge ice-bergs followed immediately by our expedition into Tibet and the first full descent of the Parlung Tsangpo I'd had two quite different experiences.
I compared the food and luxurious facilities on the ship to large quantities of rice, massive whitewater and grating Tibetan music!
The second show put an entertaining spin on the effort paddlers will go to in order make their passion for kayaking happen. The epics, dodgy drivers and roading, health problems and the amount of time soaked up by everything but the kayaking! Bolivia, Kenya, NZ and California featured.

Making the most of a couple of days off Ben Jackson, Louis Tanner and I recently flew into the heads of the Perth river.

Yeah I'm going kayaking! Flying never gets old.
An excited Ben Jackson buckled in.

James Scott touched us down below
the Garden of Eden, offering to drop our overnight gear at Scone Hut 4km
downstream for us.
The top section is pretty full on, and
contains a few classic drops. It has
some big air on offer!

Paddler - Zak
Photo - Ben Jackson

The flow on day two was pretty juicy and the push of the river eventually took its toll, the last class 5 move above the five finger put in is a bold boof in the centre over a huge hole.
Be warned its quite retentive! Louis got dragged back a had is arse handed to him before he headed back to Wellington.

Ben Jackson, well above the action, seal launch near Knuckle Grinder.
We were pretty tired at the trips completion, but no rest for the wicked, back to work boys!

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