Order calendars via zakshawphotography@gmail.com or the secure Paypal option below.

Order calendars via zakshawphotography@gmail.com or the secure Paypal option below.
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Team Profiles India Expedition 2007 (Caliber 2 Burn)

Image - Sam Hughs
Shalab Gahlaut is the authority when it comes to kayaking in India. As the director and lead instructor of "Ganga Kayak School" Shalab is in a league of his own. In a country oozing with whitewater he has covered more ground and explored more rivers than anyone. His level of expertise is unsurpassed in India and is absolutely key to our adventure.
Our team with the exception of Sam (packman) we have not met this man of legendary status and so it is with great excitement we await our expedition start date of October 14th.

Image - Zak Shaw
"Good luck finding someone who makes class 5 look easier"
Introducing JJ Shepherd
I met JJ five years ago in the Mahinapua Tavern (a real family place). The next morning we buckled up and flew into a steep west coast NZ river. That was the start. JJ the ever dependable team member is an absolute class act. On the water and around the campfire with guitar in hand he never ceases to amaze. I look forward to his new material.

Im a sea kayaker from the Arctic. I learn't to roll in Tibet last year and will only survive in India because Ben will be there.
I can't wait to get back to the Himalaya's. Tibet to date is the most inspiring place I've ever kayaked. Huge river catchments and landscapes that dwarf you, its a feeling everyone should experience.
Rumour has it that due to the success of last years Kareoke circuit in Tibet some bars in Delhi have made requests for the 13 ribbon dragon to make an appearance. Shalab is negotiating terms as we speak. The dry air at altitude is a huge factor for most visiting artists, most gig's only happen if refreshments are supplied.
Image - Zak Shaw
This guy well... Ben is the man at the forefront of NZ whitewater kayak instruction. His innovative thoughts and concepts are truly cutting edge. Ben breaks all the rules, the saying "its hard to fly like an eagle when your surrounded by turkeys" does not apply.
Currently Ben Jackson resides in Wellington NZ. He's such a nice guy he descided to reduce government workload and help Helen Clark our NZ Prime Minister. He camps out close to the beehive in order to pick up his welfare benefit up in person. Mrs Clark is his biggest sponsor.
Ben's humour and level headed approach to what we do is second to none. This trip will be a blast, great to have you with us Benny!

Sam Hughs aka Packman won our Movember contest upon arrival into Chendu, China last year. Based in Norway Packman now lives with the "most beautiful girl in Norway" lucky bugger. Inspired by Tintin he has traveled to all corners exploring and photographing life as he see's it. With camera in hand Sam has an exceptional eye for photography - check out www.paclandphoto.com
Keep an eye out for the next expedition beard contest, Packman has probably started his.

Master Bates. Stephen Bates is a High School English Teacher. He carries a posh accent but it comes with a dirty mind and wicked sense of humor. He's smarter than us and just as dirty so our team is not predicting anyone to be out of place.
Ive not met Stephen but if he's anything like Packman or Matt Tidy (UK gentleman) this expedition will be quite pleasant. This image supplied by JJ doesn't really suggest it but if he talks the same and has the immaculate manners I became accustomed to in Tibet "After you", "Be my guest", "Cup of tea old chap" I'm sure things will work out fine.
"Pip pip, Cherio lads"


  1. hey guys the vid was sweet but i was just scrolling down and noticed that yall had made it over to kenya back in 2004. but anyways we were headed over for a four month trip from SA through Ethiopia with stops in madagascar and some of the other amazing boating spots. but if yall had some beta from kenya we'd be psyched to dear about it. Thanks

  2. Awesome post thanks for that. I am getting psyched to go back to Asia after a long break of not going.