Order calendars via zakshawphotography@gmail.com or the secure Paypal option below.

Order calendars via zakshawphotography@gmail.com or the secure Paypal option below.
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Wyoming, USA Clarksfork of the Yellowstone "The Box" = big, deep, nasty, committing river gorge

Paddler - Zak Shaw - Deliberation Corner, thanks for the image Scott!
Image - Scott Doherty - www.worldclassacademy.com
Cover shot. This how it is. After seeing this image at least paddlers believe there's a way out! . Henry Munter sets himself free of constraint.
Image - Zak Shaw

Day one began. David Maurier and I having made the massive drive from California through Nevada (fantastic state, definitely receives a full and honest endorsement from me) On our way north we passed thousands of desert acres, countless casino's and trucker relief establishments. One in particular the "sleek kitten" kept our eyes awkwardly low and motivated us to leave the truck locked at 75 miles per hour.
After a nine hour haul we arrived at the Payette's world renowned north fork.

Image - Zak Shaw
We met two paddlers from West Virginia. Concerned looks on their faces was the result of my introduction. It included my experience as a sea kayaker with no mention of any river time. Davey assured them "he has a really solid roll before we set off! We spent four days avoiding the savagely sharp boulders and coincidently met a team headed east into Yellowstone National Park.
Day one - Clarkfork. We joined US paddlers Henry Munter, Brian Fletcher, Ryan Casey and Scott Doherty who had done the river several times before. This took out some of the rivers sting. They knew where to portage and who had supposedly been under which rocks. Mick Hopkinson in his typically thorough fashion had not held back on the drama of previous mishaps. Before the trip I'd walked from his house feeling Id be better off wearing pink fluro scuba gear. Seeing a Clarksfork sieve as I understood it was just part and parcel of each descent.

Finding out why - Zak Shaw takes a closer look into the "green monster" and the first major portage.
Image - David Maurier
As we got into our work the stories faded and I learned it was just more important than usual to be on line. For around six hours we paddled and climbed our way downstream into the canyons heart.
Scott Doherty prepares freshly caught fish for dinner.
Image - Zak Shaw
Our view from camp upstream of the rising domes and craggy vertical walls that stand imposing and forming the box canyon.
Image - Zak Shaw
Henry Munter - Classically Clarksfork. Through the entire section the canyon is stunning and the moves are equally as good.
As we dropped further into the gorge endless valleys of exposed stone climbed above us. I drifted through deep pools and imagined that at any moment dusty outlaws could reveal themselves from dark caves and and open fire. Did anyone see the TV add where the Sheriff flushes out a hundred crooks by opening a box of crunchy nut cornflakes?

Day two was a big day with most of the rivers intensity coming at us early. Brian Fletcher times it well and makes it look good through "Dilworth"
Image - Zak Shaw
Once your in your in!
Image - Zak Shaw
"Deliberation Corner" Scott Doherty amongst the meat of the rapid with no time to deliberate.
Image - Zak Shaw

Having completed the "leap of faith" one of two drops that is difficult to inspect we again portaged high above a series of boulder jammed un-runnable drops.
Beyond here the canyon walls relaxed and we were home free!
Image - David Maurier.


  1. Zak- Good to see you made it on the Box, that run is amazing. Norway, has been ok, super busy with work until the past week, so boating has been minimal. Weather has been great, which means we now have no water...typical weather to return this week!

  2. Hey Zak - just stumbled across your blog. Good stuff! Damn I love that river:) Looks like you've been keeping yourself busy. Hope to meet up down the road somewhere. take care 'till then.