Order calendars via zakshawphotography@gmail.com or the secure Paypal option below.

Order calendars via zakshawphotography@gmail.com or the secure Paypal option below.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clavey and Gravy..ClaveyGravyClaveyGravyClaveyGravyClavey and Gravy

Image - Ben Jackson
This week I arrived back in California. The transition this year from sleet and snow back home in New Zealand to heat waves and endless sunshine in California was an easy one.
In our first week back we fired some new fuel into the Suby, jumped the battery and rolled out.
Golden gate was our first test and having paddled the run several times we made fast time. Not without drama though. An Irish friend swam above one of the main rapids out of his boat and Ben Jackson cut his eyebrow.

Ben Jackson prior to being ducktaped.

Image above - Ben Jackson Clavey River.
With Coloma as our base we then headed south on 49 to the Upper Clavey road bridge and camped near the put in.

Image Zak Shaw.

Image above - Zak Shaw
Our first day started early. We had camped at the put in bridge in order to get going early.
We made great time through the top 8 miles before lunch.
Below lower Clavey bridge things beefed up and we moved slower.

Image above - Zak Shaw rolls over a big ledge with speed and eyes the hole/pool below.

Image - Shannon Mast leads the charge in the Lower Clavey. Time and time again we found continuous grade four whitewater and very rarely had to get out to scout. If we had asked prior I'm sure someone would have mentioned the severe lack of camp sites in the bottom canyon and so at 6pm with the bedrock continuing to hold us in we pushed further looking for small patch of sand to spend the night.

Image - Shot by Ben Jackson - Zak launching clear of a river wide hole.

Day two - image Zak Shaw.
Shannon Mast airborne and looking good part way through a cool ledge drop.

Image above - Ben Jackson
Zak lines up a pair of ledge holes.

The last move on the Clavey. Shannon Mast fires up.
Image - Zak Shaw

1 comment:

  1. Hey Zak, Andy here. Long time! I've been scoping you and Ben on your missions secretly for the last couple of years.... just call me stalker!
    I'm loving your blogs.. very inspiring mate! Keep up the charge.
    Im working in Montana as a safety boater for a outdoor centre this year- im stoked as i get to do some boatin again... Im heading back to NZ in August for some spring snow and hopefully some good paddling in the spring- Hopefully we can hook up and do a run or two!

    keep charging bro