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Order calendars via zakshawphotography@gmail.com or the secure Paypal option below.
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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Lifeblood of the Nation - an Adventure Philosophy driven initiative.

What is Lifeblood? – Wild rivers are New Zealand’s Lifeblood. The Lifeblood of the Nation expedition is aimed at raising public consciousness about New Zealand’s rivers and the threats many of them currently face. Lifeblood is aimed at highlighting what we have and what we stand to lose.
Motu, Kaituna, Whakapapanui, Ruakituri, Mohikinui, Toaroha, Hurunui, Waitaha, Taipo, Matakitaki, Matiri, Nevis, Arahura, Glenroy, Mokau, Manuherikia….where next???
The ideas behind Lifeblood

1. How many incredible rivers we have.
2. How lucky we are to not have neighbouring countries to compete for them – they are ours!
3. How fast we are losing them to hydro power and effects of pollutants
4. How many unexplored kayak runs and other adventures still exist
5. How much of our culture, sense of adventure and stories have their roots in, or bought about by our rivers.
6. How little the average Kiwi knows about what is going on with them.
7. How little publication space has been dedicated to them in the last 10 years.

Lifeblood represents New Zealand’s wild rivers and the integral part they play in New Zealand society. Rivers and access to water are the lifeblood for New Zealanders not just for industry, energy and tourism but for our very sense of self.
The Lifeblood team is a generational mix of three of New Zealand’s most successful kayak industry adventurers, photographers, writers and teachers.
Mick Hopkinson, Graham Charles and myself funded by SPARC and its Hillary Expedition Scholarship will team up for a tour de force adventure on our key waterways, explore new and demanding kayak runs and refresh publicity.

The Lifeblood team

Graham Charles – One of NZ’s most well known adventurers, adventure advocates and photographer/writers. Over 25 years experience in all facets of the outdoors, author (NZ Whitewater. The Frozen Coast, The Unclaimed Coast), Founder of Adventure Philosophy and completed 4 international mutli-disciplined expeditions, 3 world first journeys, 3 internationally acclaimed documentaries.

Mick Hopkinson – recently inducted in the Kayaking Hall of Fame in the UK. 1st descents in many countries around the world, paddling for nearly 50 years. Mick is NZ’s ‘kayaking icon’ in the realm of Hillary and Blake. He has inspired generations of paddlers and continues to do so while fighting hard for our access to and, preservation of the lifeblood of the nation.

Zak Shaw – Outdoor instructor, guide, writer and adventure photographer. Representing the next generation of kiwi adventurers Zak was the first recipient of the Adventure Philosophy “Good for Life” scholarship in 2003, assisted Adventure Philosophy’s successful “Around South Georgia” expedition in 2005 and in 2006 went on to complete the first descent of Tibet’s Parlung Tsangpo river. Zak has kayaked extensively internationally and is one of NZ’s best up and coming adventurers and role models for our youth.

Lifeblood - Associated people

Keith Riley – Keith is working with us for some of the adventure, Keith is adventure personified, enormously talented and is one of NZ’s little known but most active adventurers. He tutors and role models numerous students at Tai Poutini Polytechnic and is keeping the true adventure ethic alive in and for young Kiwi’s.

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